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My Passions

My name is Heather O'Lear. I am a photographer, Reiki practitioner, SARA (Shelter Animal Reiki Association) member practitioner and HeARTs Speak artist member photographer. I combine Reiki and photography to provide inspiration, connection, love and healing and to bring depth and understanding to the relationships between animals and humans. I am passionate about animal rescue and advocacy.


Photography to Connect

I use photography to connect humans to the essence of places, animals and other people in a way they haven't connected before - to enhance and expand how humans see, experience and relate to the world around them. I love to capture authentic moments of humans, places, events, nature and animals. 

I volunteer as a photographer at animal shelters and rescues with the goal of capturing the unique and individual personality traits of animals so they can attract and connect with their future forever families. 


Reiki to Heal

Universal energy is available to all living things for healing on the physical, emotional and spiritual levels.  I am passionate about creating space for animals and humans to access Universal healing energy through Reiki.  I believe there is a symbotic healing relationship between humans and animals that can be realized with Reiki.

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