Do everything. With love and gratitude.

Do everything. With love and gratitude.

Do everything. With love and gratitude.Do everything. With love and gratitude.

The 8 Mitts Story

While I have had a deep love for, and connection to, animals since I was young, my first dogs Cody and Zak (aka Moose) didn't come until I was in my early 30's. They were rescues I adopted while living in North Carolina.  Since North Carolina was wet and muddy on many of our walks and hikes, it came to pass that I would often tell them "I need to clean your mitts" when their paws were dirty and I was going to clean them off with a towel. Which then turned into referring to them as my 8 mitts - 2 dogs, 4 paws each - get it?? 

Cody and Moose had both been in foster homes before I adopted them, introducing me to the concept of fostering and rescue.  They are directly responsible for my interest and involvement in animal rescue and advocacy.  Cody and Moose taught me about unconditional love, they helped me heal emotionally more than once, they brought joy and laughter to my life and they helped me understand the importance of human-animal relationships and connection. Cody and Moose were amazing companions and teachers and it only makes sense to honor them in the work I do now.  So welcome to 8 Mitts! The place you can come for me to create and hold space for you to connect, heal, align, laugh and be yourself - unconditionally.


Cody (2001-2013)

Zak - aka Moose (2002-2014)