Do everything. With love and gratitude.

Do everything. With love and gratitude.

Do everything. With love and gratitude.Do everything. With love and gratitude.

Animal Communication Information

My Animal Communication Services


I am grateful to have the ability to connect with animals! Our animals have so much to say and so much to teach us if we just listen.  Allow me to help strengthen the bond between you and your animal by opening the lines of communication between you.  I support the growth and healing of both animals and their humans through animal communication. 

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  "Animals are teachers, and more often than not it is women who mediate their teachings. The most common companions of divine women are snakes, horses, dogs and birds, and each of these creatures offers a different kind of knowledge and wisdom. This ancient perception of animals as so much more than mere companions, so much more than just a source of food, can't be assimilated into the worldview of a society which sees animals as inferior to humans, devoid of emotion and intelligence, and lacking in spirit or soul. But coming to understand our kinship with them is an important part of truly seeing ourselves as part of the web of life on this planet, and our stories tell us that, above all, it is the gift of women to bring this understanding to the world." - Sharon Blackie (If Women Rose Rooted: A Journey to Authenticity and Belonging) 

"I often think that one of the next breakthroughs in the evolution of human consciousness will be the recognition of the subtle complexity and the hidden inner world that animals carry around with them. The innocence and silence of the animal world has a huge subtlety to it that is anything but dumb, but rather notices everything and is present in everything. Animals carry a huge ministry of witness to the silence of time and to the depth of nature" - John O'Donohue (Walking in Wonder)